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         The joint electric excavator technical advantages:
         Ⅰ.Multi-function, power applied by electric not fuel       
          This machine is a union set of excavating, crushing, mixing, bulldozing, conveying and loading. It works by electric-power, all functions are completed by the motor .
It only consumes 16-20 kw electricity per hour, and the excavator can load 50-100 cubic(it changes slightly with different soil). Per 10 thousand standard bricks need
20 cubic soil. If we assume per electricity is 0.7 RMB, and the soil can be made into 40,000 standard bricks per hour, then the expense of excavation of per 10,000 bricks
is not more than 5 RMB.        
         Ⅱ.Observably improving products quality
         This machine's excavator parts adopts rotary cultivator principle, and excavates in the section.
         Soil layers which are 1-7 meters high (the one more than 7 meters can be layered separated)are excavated, crushed and mixed evenly from top to bottom. The raw
materials are mixed well. So that the different plastic index soil is close to the same standard, and the green brick quality is improved significantly, burnt bricks temperature
is more well-distributed, brick-making speed is more stable, finished brick size is  same, and its appearance, color, bending, pressure compression, and other indexes are
more consistent, so that the quality of brick achieves a higher level.
         Ⅲ.Low failture rate and easy maintenance
         The machine adopts universal bulldozer chassis and combines various mechanical advantages. Excavating and transmission parts, clutch, hydraulic system, and
electrical components use the general parts, they can be bought all around.
          IV.Energy saving, consumption reducing, environmental
          Because this function in the process of crushing and stirring, it significantly reduces the machine wear rate and power consumption of the subsequent equipments
like mixer and brick making machine. Some brick factories even give up roller crusher and mixer. Electricity consumption of one roller crusher or mixer is more than
that of a excavator. The electricity saved by one mixer is enough for such machine.
          As a result of no consumption of oil, there is no oil pollution, and lower noise, it meets environmental requirements. At the same time the machine can get the same
result when excavating coal, sand and gravel.